News form CISM


The extent, to which the Covid virus has had an impact on us in the past year 2022, has become painfully clear to us, not least due to the extremely last-minute cancellation of the CISM Annual General Meeting, which was planned and announced as in-person after many years. Four days before the date of 19 November 2022 in Stuttgart, the meeting had to be cancelled as a result of various absences due to Corona and other scheduling conflicts in member associations. It did not make much sense to hold the meeting under this conditions, especially as in addition to the
ordinary business, the general and supplementary elections of the CISM board were to take place. The cancellation was all the more regrettable, as the board meeting in September in Ljubljana, after various video meetings in 2022, was the GA preparatory meeting and everyone was looking forward to the event in Stuttgart.
At the last board meeting it was now decided to hold the CISM Annual General Meeting on the occasion of the “European Championship for Wind Orchestras ECWO” on 6 and 7 May 2023 in Amiens (F), with the meeting taking place on Saturday, 6 May. At this meeting, we will not only report on the two years 2020 and 2021 according to the statutes, but also on the year 2022 due to the postponement of the GA.
We hope that all our members, partners and sponsors as well as honorary members and supporters will be present with a delegation and are already looking forward to this meeting. Please note the date in your agenda.
Under the patronage of the CISM, the international juror training of the German-speaking countries will be continued at the Bildungszentrum Plochingen (D) of the new Musikzentrum Baden-Württemberg. Thanks to the great commitment of our musical director Heiko Schulze, this valuable educational opportunity is offered and is actively used.
In parallel, our board member Ludovic Laurent-Testoris is setting up the juror training for the French-speaking region and an English-language training opportunity will soon be established for the rest of Europe.
The CISM Youth Music Competition – Project Paper is in progress and will soon be published
for consultation.
And information on two important CISM musical events in 2023:
The 22nd European Championship of Bohemian-Moravian Wind Music will take place in Stuttgart (Germany) from 24 – 26 November 2023. This competition is integrated into the wind music fair BRAWO, which was held very successfully for the first time this year. We hope for a lively participation in this championship and look forward to high quality musical performances and many social encounters.
The International Youth Music Competition will be held again at Mid Europe in Schladming (Austria) from 11-16 July 2023. Detailed information about this competition can be found on the website at
And finally :
The many church concerts, the Advent concerts, the musical accompaniments to contemplative evenings and much more that are currently inviting us to pause in our hectic everyday lives are extremely inspiring. Everywhere, kettledrums, trumpets and trombones will resound and set the mood for what we hope will be a peaceful and restful Christmas season.
But now, esteemed friends of music, we thank you for your great personal commitment to wind and brass music in 2022. We wish you the Advent contemplation, the Christmas joy and the tranquillity of the transition into the New Year. But we also wish you many musical treats, many sonic highlights and the well-being of relaxation when listening to music.
We look forward to a challenging new year and many exciting encounters. We gladly hope that the sound of flutes and horns will outlast the time of Christmas and New Year and lead us into a hopeful new year. We wish you a good time and remain with warmest regards.