Goals / activities

CISM (Confédération Internationale des Sociétés Musicales, International confederation of music societies) member of UNESCO, was founded in 1949 A nonprofit-organisation, the CISM contains 10 national societies of Wind-, Drum-, Bugle-, Piper- and Symphonic Bands. At present the voting members of CISM include about 12 000 bands and ensembles.


  • to maintain, promote and cultivate band music
  • to support band music and compositions and publications
  • to realize the common interests of the meber scieties, on a national as well as international level
  • to promote education and training in music
  • to arrange and realize international contacs of meeting, especially for young musicans

The CISM’s cooperation with their member societies and international organisations can be demonstrated in the following activities:

  • Exchange of information about activities like music-camps
  • international and national music-festivals
  • important concerts, performances and events
  • Assistance and support of the exchange of bands and ensembles
  • Information and advice on youth-activities within societies and bands
  • Organisation of the annual congress for member societies
  • Organisation of workshops for conductors and instrumental teachers for youth
  • Realization of contests and competitions for Symphonic Bands and Wind Ensembles as well as for Drum-, Bugle- and Piperbands
  • Invitation to competitions for original band compositions
  • Publication of catalogues for recommendable band music
  • Preparation of rules for competition
  • Publication of catalogues of experts (judges, lecturer etc.)
  • Information about of music archives, collections and libraries.