The outbreak of war in Ukraine has shaken the world and uncompromisingly affected the lives of millions of people. Every war is accompanied by an indescribable humanitarian crisis that can only be alleviated by interpersonal solidarity and generosity.

Many organisations across Europe are collecting money and equipment for the people of Ukraine and are also taking care for many refugees.

Music organisations can also play their part in raising money, equipment and, above all, raising awareness and positive encouragement for the people of Ukraine and politicians to resolve the crisis.

The CISM Board recommends its members to hold concert events or to record themselves in rehearsals in the coming weeks.

The musical programme that the associations highlight should be dedicated to world music that celebrates peace (From national anthems to rock ballads by Sting, the Scorpions or John Lennon), but of course you can also include other well-known songs.

Please include dates or tracks of your concert performances and links to the recordings by entering them in our event book for support purposes.


You can also post your recordings online and share links to them at daniel.leskovic@cism-online.com, and we will share your recordings through CISM and make sure that the positive thoughts of European concert/brass bands will be heard around the world, and that our thoughts are shared also with all Russians who disagree with the invasion of Ukraine.

Links to Ukraine Athem



If you will also be collecting money or equipment for Ukraine at the concerts, please contact the Ukrainian embassies in your countries and humanitarian organisations for more information.

Make Music not War